The Daily vs. The Storables

From post-workout recovery, to immunity, to mood, what we do (and do not) consume in our diet plays a huge role in our overall health and performance. Most think of Vitamin C as an immune booster, but are you aware of its role in muscle and tissue repair after workouts?  Many question their training if they’re seeing slower times during races and workouts, but do they consider a deficiency in B vitamins that could be impairing red blood cell formation? 

Our society has taught us that doing more, pushing harder, and resting less is the admirable approach to life, but when it comes to performance in endurance sport, reaching our best requires a much more a mindful approach. 

Cyclocross season is coming...

Cyclocross is booming in the Pacific Northwest, and for good reason—it’s a fun, welcoming community and an awesome workout.  CX is the perfect way to maintain fitness through the fall, improve handling skills, and stay connected to friends and teammates.  With local races kicking off in early September, it’s time to get started so you can begin your season on a high note.  Here are a few steps to help you prepare.  

Racing in the heat

As athletes around the Puget Sound are peaking for Masters Rowing Regionals and key cycling events, Mother Nature is cooking up an added challenge for the weekend: 90-plus-degree heat.   For athletes who train during the cool, early morning hours, this can mean racing in temperatures up to 50-degrees warmer than what they are acclimated to.  So how do we adjust our game plan?  Here are a few tips for performing your best in the heat.