3-week beginner training plan for CX

Thanks to everyone who came out for the WWCX Festival this weekend, and kudos to all the awesome women who tried cyclocross for the first time! To keep the momentum rolling, follow this 3-week training plan geared toward riders who are new to cyclocross.

We look forward to seeing you out at the races!




Mojo | noun | mo·jo: a power that may seem magical and that allows someone to be very effective, successful, etc.


The often inexplicable mix of fitness, feel, and flow.  Equal parts physical and mental. With it, we feel unstoppable.  Without it, the road ahead can feel intimidating, frustrating and even out of reach.

Whether brought on by injury, illness, or changes to work and family commitments, athletes of all levels experience ebbs and flows with mojo. As elusive as it can seem at times, know that there are steps you can take to get it back.

Harnessing the race day nerves

Can we control our body’s natural fight-or-flight response on race day? 

Absolutely.  And when we do—when we channel stress in a positive way—we elevate our performance to new levels.  Here are a few tips on how to harness the race day nerves.   

Multi-day rides

Whether you're riding around Washington, climbing a mountain pass, or planning an epic bike packing trip through the Rockies, here are a few tricks for making the most of your multi-day adventure.  

Easing race day gut issues

There’s nothing worse for a racer—you’re trained, amped, and ready to compete, only your gut is a mess. It’s not only a major inconvenience, it impairs performance in a big way when your body isn’t absorbing the calories, nutrients and liquids it needs to work.

The Daily vs. The Storables

From post-workout recovery, to immunity, to mood, what we do (and do not) consume in our diet plays a huge role in our overall health and performance. Most think of Vitamin C as an immune booster, but are you aware of its role in muscle and tissue repair after workouts?  Many question their training if they’re seeing slower times during races and workouts, but do they consider a deficiency in B vitamins that could be impairing red blood cell formation? 

Our society has taught us that doing more, pushing harder, and resting less is the admirable approach to life, but when it comes to performance in endurance sport, reaching our best requires a much more a mindful approach.