Why so quiet?

It’s been quiet here on the MDEC website, but for good reason!

In August, I began working with the University of Washington’s Center for Leadership in Athletics to launch the ACCEL Coaching Education program. I’m proud to be part of this project, and thrilled for the opportunity to work with local coaches as they master their craft.

The ACCEL program was pioneered by the UW Center for Leadership, and is founded on extensive research into what makes great coaches and teams.


Why is coaching education so important?


I know many of you will agree, sport offers a venue for children and teens to develop the social-emotional skills they need to thrive in our ever-evolving and complex world. Today, adaptability and resilience are a must, and kids need opportunities to develop these skills.  

Through sport, children can learn:

  • how to overcome challenges with tenacity and grit,

  • that empathy and trust are vital components to productive teams,

  • and that failure and setbacks are part of the path to success.


But this growth doesn’t happen automatically—it is coaches who make meaning of the joys and challenges athletes face.


It is coaches who shape the lens through which athletes view their experiences.


UW’s mission is to give coaches of all sports the knowledge and tools they need to shape athletes’ experiences in positive ways, giving kids—(our future generations!)—every opportunity to thrive, in sport and in life.

What does this mean for MDEC?

I’ll still be coaching and teaching workshops, and the bank of material to share with all of you is more robust than ever!


To learn more about the research behind this program, and about the ACCEL Coaching Education certificate, visit UW’s website. Here’s an excerpt from the website below:


“Predicated on the Center for Leadership’s Ambitious Coaching Project and the University’s nationally recognized graduate program, the ACCEL program provides an opportunity for coaches working with all ages of athletes, across all sports, to master their craft and learn how to create team cultures where athletes and teams will thrive.”  



Mojo | noun | mo·jo: a power that may seem magical and that allows someone to be very effective, successful, etc.


The often inexplicable mix of fitness, feel, and flow.  Equal parts physical and mental. With it, we feel unstoppable.  Without it, the road ahead can feel intimidating, frustrating and even out of reach.

Whether brought on by injury, illness, or changes to work and family commitments, athletes of all levels experience ebbs and flows with mojo. As elusive as it can seem at times, know that there are steps you can take to get it back.

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