Marsa is the type of coach who sees each athlete as an individual and can astutely pinpoint what a person needs the most.
— Laura J.
Marsa’s talk made me feel really empowered. There’s something about a group of female athletes coming together and sharing knowledge about underrepresented aspects of nutrition and general health that is super awesome. I’m really glad I got to experience it and am eternally grateful for the knowledge I gained.
— Ella O.
I didn’t realize how much I was spinning my wheels (bad pun) before I started working with Marsa. She’s huge on efficiency, she knows we’re all busy people trying to fit it all in. She got me organized with training and nutrition, and forced me to start improving my weak points right away.
— Erik M.
Marsa’s talk made me feel like my concerns as a female athlete were validated.
— Andrea M.
The most unexpected part of coaching with Marsa is that it helped me see myself in a new light. Marsa didn’t just give me a personalized training plan; she helps me build confidence and view myself as an athlete. This isn’t an easy task with the balance of home life and a full-time job. Marsa takes a holistic approach to coaching and attacks the psychological elements of competitive cycling. She helped me to recognize and break down mental barriers, while pointing out progress that I wouldn’t have noticed to build confidence.
— Nikki M.
At first I felt really silly for not knowing what Marsa was talking about, but as the talk went on, I started to realize that a lot of the information was new to pretty much everyone in the room. It made me feel a lot better and more in control of my body.
— Lincoln R.
I feel like in the coming months I can hack the world to be able to help myself feel the best I can.
— Andy
When I was listening to the nutrition talk, I realized how much of what we are taught at school about health isn’t actually geared toward girls. There’s so much that nobody tells us about our bodies that we all wish we’d been taught earlier.
— Ceci
Marsa’s talk made me feel extremely empowered. Learning about what is happening biologically gave me a feeling of claiming my body, as opposed to feeling powerless.
— Victoria