Investing in coaching is a big decision, and it can feel overwhelming filtering through the various options available. As you explore coaching services, let's start with a 30-minute phone consultation, free of charge.  I want to help you find the service that best fits your work and family schedule, personal performance goals, background, and personality type—after all, fit is really the most important thing when it comes to finding the right coach. Contact me to set up a free consultation.  



For any athlete, any time, the better-in-1 will launch you into a new season or help you recalibrate along the way.  In a single 90-minute session, we identify specific steps for taking your performance to the next level through improving your daily nutrition, recovery habits and training structure. We also uncover limitations in your strength, balance, and range of motion through a functional movement screen. This session is the starting point for all individualized, monthly training plans.  It is also offered as a one-time health and performance consultation.  

nutrition analysis
The better-in-1 session sans movement screen—we focus all our energy into a comprehensive analysis of your daily nutrition, race-day fueling, and recovery practices. After all, training is only one half of the equation. The true question is, are your actually benefiting from your training? If you feel you're putting in the work, but not necessarily making equivalent gains, this session is the place the start. 

All monthly plans begin with the better-in-1 session listed above, so prepare yourself to begin taking immediate steps toward reaching your goals. 

personalized training plan for cyclists
$275/mo + set-up
What does it mean for a training plan to be personalized?  It means every component of your coaching and workouts is designed around your life schedule, performance goals, individual physiology and personality type. This plan includes comprehensive training design, monthly nutrition analysis, strength training instruction, ongoing two-way communication between athlete and coach, and weekly phone check-ins. 

all-inclusive plan for cyclists
450/mo + set-up
If you need daily accountability and communication with your coach, and could benefit from one-on-one coaching each month, this is the plan for you. The all-inclusive plan is the personalized training plan listed above with the added bonus of monthly coached sessions. How we focus our one-on-one time together depends on what you need most at the time: it could be nutrition and meal planning, skills coaching, a hill ride to strengthen your climbing technique, course review to plan and prepare for your upcoming event, you name it. For my athletes on the all-inclusive plan, we have yet to run out of ideas for how to spend that one-one-one time. 

Contact Marsa to see if an individualized training plan is right for you.   


strength training for masters rowers and cyclists
What athlete wouldn't benefit from improving mobility, speeding up fat-burning metabolism, reducing risk of injury, and increasing power output? Incorporating strength work into your training routine is a must; this is particularly so for athletes in their 30s and beyond who (I'm sorry to say) are facing an uphill battle to retain lean body mass and power.

Where most endurance athletes go wrong is by spending precious time doing strength training that is too similar to the rest of their training.  Strength training should be different.  This is your opportunity to address muscular imbalances, improve deficiencies in strength, and wake up your Type II muscle fibers (your power houses!).  Carefully designed strength work is one of the most common areas in which athletes have the potential for substantial gains in performance.   

Contact Marsa to find out if you might benefit from the strength training plan. 


Do you feel that coaching would take your performance to the next level, but it's not financially accessible to you right now?  MD Endurance Coaching has provided coaching scholarships to junior athletes, undergrad and grad students, Americorps workers, and to promising female athletes as part of an initiative to engage more women and girls in the sport of cycling.  If you are ready to invest the time and hard work but the financial commitment is your only barrier, contact Marsa to learn more about coaching scholarships.

Host a lecture for your sports club, organization, team, or business.  Sample of lecture topics: 

#1 | The science of recovery - Training is just one piece of the performance puzzle.  In this lecture, learn how to maximize your individual performance through careful meal timing; appropriate macronutrient ratios; stress management; and healthy sleep practices.  

#2 | Fueling for athletes - Endurance athletes consistently demand a lot from their bodies—our nutrition practices need to meet those demands.  In this lecture, we'll start with basic principles for optimizing health and performance. We'll then cover relevant, complex topics such as individual metabolic differences; healthy approaches for gaining muscle mass and losing body fat; and controversial issues such as metabolic efficiency.   

 #3 | Training design - Balanced, smart training is the key to continuous fitness gains and to longevity in our sport.  Learn how to control intensity, measure progress, and effectively balance training with your many other life demands.    

#4 | Thinking to win - Lean how to prepare your body and mind for competition; methods for channelling stress and anxiety; and effective ways to engrain habits of successful performance. 

For lecture pricing, fill out the contact page and write about what you are looking for.