You thrive on challenge. You’re always looking for ways to master your craft and stretch your limits. You’re a self-starter, but you’re curious how much further you could stretch with the right support.   

You’re not afraid of hard work, but you know there’s more to the puzzle than just the work. You’re not interested in a low value, one-size-fits-all training plan. You want a smarter, elevated experience that was designed specifically for you.  

Feeling strong and fit is a significant part of this for you, but it’s also about something bigger: discovery, adventure, and growth.   

  • You want to breathe in the high mountain air at the top of a mountain pass after having pedaled yourself to the top. You don’t want to simply survive the long climbs, you want to feel ****ing awesome.  

  • You want to feel excited when your alarm goes off at 4am to train in the rain, because you know you have something significant to contribute to your team.

  • Most of all, you want to explore the best of you. You want to crack open the gold mine of confidence that follows when you start overcoming the obstacles that once stood in your way.


Why opt for one-on-one coaching when there is so much free information right at your fingertips?

Because this should be about you.

Your goals. Your values. Your learning style. Your personality. Your schedule. Your physiology.


Coaching is an investment, and you deserve a huge return on that investment. To start, you should have:



You should have peace of mind in knowing the why behind what you’re doing, and how it relates specifically to you.



Your time is precious. You should know that your training has a specific purpose, one aimed to highlight your strengths while also pushing you to keep growing.  



Confidence is about feeling ready. When we feel ready, we feel confident to accept new challenges, take risks, and stretch our limits. 


But going through the motions of training doesn’t necessarily create readiness. 

Readiness and true confidence comes through seeing growth, feeling change, and through our efforts and progress being recognized.


Masterful coaching leaves you feeling prepared, ready, excited and confident, all when it matters most.


You’re a team leader looking to inspire both your coaches and your athletes. You want more than just new information, you want it coalesced in a way that creates unity, identity, and meaning for your team.

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