You no longer feel uncertain and nervous before big events. Instead, you feel prepared, confident, and excited to be challenged.

You don’t question what to eat, when, and how much, because your fueling systems are dialed—and they’re working.   


You no longer wonder things like:

Why is my gut messed up? 

Why can’t I lose the extra weight, even when I’m training regularly? 

Is this really my ceiling? Am I truly accessing what my body is capable of?


Your time and energy is too precious to spend time wondering, or to ride the line between under-trained and over-trained.


I will meet you where you are. And I will be honest.

I’m not going to weight your table until we know the legs are stable and ready to handle the load. Chances are, if you’ve struggled to make progress in the past, your table legs need strengthening. Quality fuel, sleep, restoration, joy, community support, resources, challenge, beliefs that support your intentions… these are just a few of the things that give your table legs strength.

Neglect the legs and your table collapses.

Strengthen your legs, and limitations begin to vanish. Just like that.


This is about you and your needs.

You deserve to have complete confidence in your investment. You deserve a plan that takes into account all the things that matter most to you. Family, career, spirituality, community… your values don’t have to be pushed to the side and neglected in order to feel strong and confident. We find the rhythm that allows you to feel joy in all facets of your life.


Your dreams are #1.

Dreams (come true) are not reserved for the young, they are reserved for the willing. The adventure-seekers who are open to growth and possibility.

Excitement and discovery are fuel for the fire, and we want to build a big ass fire.


How it looks depends on you. Here are a few of the factors that shape how we work together:

What is your landscape? Are you training solo or with a team?
We make coaching compliment and strengthen the pieces you already have in place, while also filling in the gaps where you’re open and excited for new ideas.

What is your time frame?
Are you gearing up for a multi-day event this summer and getting a late start? Or have you been at this for weeks…months…years and struggling to sustain and stay healthy?

What brought you here in the first place?
If you’ve gotten this far down the page, you’re inspired by something big that really matters to you. That inspiration is a gift! Coaching is all about harnessing your excitement and protecting is from all the crap that tries to rip it away from you: wondering, decision fatigue, over-doing it and then losing steam, under-doing it and then feeling let down…
We ax all that and keep your fire burning hot. Because if it’s not fun, what’s the point?


Work: Restoration ratio
This is more than just the type of workouts you’re doing and when, it’s about maximizing the quality of each.

Equipment fit and biomechanics (aka: comfort and power output)
We’ll make sure the energy you’re putting out is moving you forward, rather than leaking out of the system.

Rate limiters
We all have them. The question is, what are you doing about it?
Rate limiters—when not faced head on—like to grow in our minds and hog more space and bandwidth than they deserve.

This might be my favorite part of coaching—watching people’s minds be blown when they begin to see beyond the limiters and their view begins to open up to all the possibilities.

Tapping your superpower strengths!
You bet we’re going to harness this! Coaching isn’t just about addressing weak points, it’s about fully recognizing and utilizing your many strengths. If there’s one strength that I am most proud in myself, it’s my ability to see, celebrate, and pull out the awesome superpowers in each of you.

There has yet to come a day when an athlete has come into my life who already had this dialed.
“This” is not about restricting your diet, this is about making sure you have all the things you need to feel strong, powerful, healthy and happy.

Are you curious, but not sure how this would look for you? Let’s have a conversation to explore if one-one-one coaching would fit your needs.