This is what I believe it takes to be a masterful coach.


The Science

BS in Exercise Science, while training and competing as an NCAA rower at Western Washington University

Masterful coaches need a deep understanding of human physiology—the nuts and bolts of coaching science. Like how our body adapts to training stress, why nutrition can make or break the experience, and why each individual athlete has varying needs. My undergrad degree in Exercise Science set a solid foundation in my understanding of the biophysical elements of coaching. But that was only the beginning.


MS in Coaching, while working as a teaching fellow + graduate assistant coach at Smith College

When it comes to human beings, things are complicated.

There’s the emotional. The psychological. The neurochemical. Masterful coaches need to grasp the interconnectivity that exists between our bodies and minds.

Through my MS in Coaching, I took a deep dive into human psychology, sociology, and pedagogy—while closely examining how all the human systems work together as one.


The Art

10 years coaching NCAA rowing teams + 7 years coaching cyclists of all levels

Every athlete is unique. That what makes coaching fun! Masterful coaching requires an intuitive sense of how to put all the puzzle pieces together, as well as confidence in that intuition. My confidence comes through having coached hundreds of athletes and teams—all of whom had their own unique needs.   

Coaching is as much art as it is science. Masterful coaches bring a wide aperture and a capability to make the science work around you.

The Fire

I love moving. I love adventure. And I love to be challenged. These are the things that keep me feeling alive. As a life-long athlete, I understand how much this matters to you. It’s a necessity. It’s in our blood.

I believe that passion—that fire inside of us—is the most important part of all this. That fire is what drives us to keep pushing beyond what we know and into the exciting world of discovery and possibility.

(The last piece that completes this equation is keeping the fire burning. For me, that means sharing ideas and collaborating with experts in the coaching field—people who will continue to challenge and inspire me in the same ways I challenge and inspire the amazing people I coach.


In August of 2018, I began working with an incredible team of coaching experts within the University of Washington’s Center for Leadership in Athletics to design and launch the ACCEL coaching education certificate program. ACCEL’s mission is to provide coaches of all sports with the knowledge and tools they need to master their own coaching craft—preparing them to positively shape the lives of the young people they lead.

To read more about the ACCEL program, or to spread the word to coaches looking to opportunities to learn and grow, visit the Center for Leadership’s website.)


  • MS Exercise and Sport Studies: Specialization in Coaching, Smith College

  • BS Human Performance, Western Washington University

  • USA Cycling and USA Rowing Certified Coach

Athlete snapshot

  • 4-year NCAA rower

  • Category 1 racer in cyclocross and mountain biking

  • Category 2 road racer

  • Multi-day races: TransRockies and BC Bike Race

  • Self-supported bike tours: Seattle to Glacier NP; Whistler to Glacier (via a detour to Banff); Selkirk loop; Scotland to Wales