Founded in science.  Shaped by experience.

With MD Endurance Coaching, expect a coaching approach that blends the core principles of exercise physiology, biomechanics, and motor control with a mindful, personal feel.  Every training plan is intentionally shaped with your unique physiology, level of experience and mental framework in mind. 

Human performance is multi-dimensional, so expect a training plan that will challenge every part of you, body and mind. 

The Foundation: Balanced, efficient training design sets the foundation for every MDEC training program: a combination of performance data, power output and heart rate can be used to measure progress and control intensity.  

Taking it further: Building on this solid foundation, we take you further by optimizing daily nutrition, recovery practices, mental resilience, and skill development

This balanced, comprehensive program will enable you to truly make the most of your training investment. 


About Marsa

Marsa received her B.S. in Exercise Science from Western Washington University, where she rowed collegiately. Wanting to further her education in human performance, she went on to earn her M.S. from Smith College in Massachusetts, where she studied Exercise and Sport Studies, worked as a teaching fellow in the ESS Department, and served as a graduate assistant for the rowing team. Marsa is now taking that education a step further while pursuing a third degree in nutrition science.  

Throughout her career coaching collegiate rowing, Marsa’s love for cycling grew while exploring the back roads of New England. Returning to Seattle in 2008, she discovered cyclocross and was immediately hooked. Applying her education in human performance, and her passion for endurance sport, Marsa worked her way from a Category 4 novice—completely new to the sport—to Elite level in cyclocross, Category 1-2 on the road and Expert level in mountain biking. Racing is just one side of Marsa's cycling life though—having traveled on two wheels through the Cascades, from Seattle to Montana, Whistler to Banff, and all through the U.K.   

Marsa has pursued every opportunity to work with eminent coaches and rowing programs throughout the country, including Western Washington University, Williams College, and University of Washington. Through 16 years of coaching and studying human performance, she has coached rowers and cyclists ranging from beginner to elite level, thriving on every opportunity to work with athletes who are eager to grow and find their best.  

Education and Certifications

M.S. Exercise and Sport Studies with a specialization in coaching
B.S. Exercise Science with a specialization in physical therapy
USA Cycling Level 3 Coach
US Rowing Level 1 Coach
NSCA Certified Personal Trainer