$225 ($180 as set-up for monthly training plans)
For any athlete, any time, the better-in-1 will launch you into a new season or help you recalibrate along the way.  We begin with a functional movement screen to uncover limitations in strength, balance, and range of motion.  Next, we assess your adaptation potential by looking at your recovery, daily nutrition, sleep practices, metabolic health and training history.  In a single 90-minute session, we identify specific steps for bettering health and performance through improved nutrition, training structure, and recovery habits.  
This session is the starting point for all individualized, monthly training plans.  It is also offered as a one-time health and performance consultation.  

nutrition for athletes
The better-in-1 session sans movement screen—we focus all our energy into a comprehensive analysis of nutrition and lifestyle habits. In a single consultation, we evaluate your daily nutrition, training structure, and metabolic health, identifying significant barriers that are keeping you from performing at your very best.   

personalized training plan for cyclists
$225/month + set-up
A personalized training plan including nutritional analysis and weekly phone check-ins.  All workouts are designed around your individual performance goals and schedule demands.  Personalized plans are kicked off with the better-in-1 session to build momentum early.    

all-inclusive plan for cyclists
$400/month + set-up
Every factor in your human performance is considered and optimized.  The personalized plan described above combined with assessments in functional movement and strength; a comprehensive strength training program, designed specifically around your needs; video analysis; power data review; unlimited phone check-ins; and optional body composition analysis.   

Contact Marsa for details on how to get started with the better-in-1 or a personalized plan.  

BASIC TRAINING PLANS  (offered on a seasonal basis):
strength training for masters rowers and cyclists
Whether your goal is increasing power on the bike or behind the oar, improving mobility, speeding up fat-burning metabolism, or reducing the risk of injury, incorporating strength work into our training is a must, particularly as we age.  Read more...

Host a lecture for your sports club, organization, team, or business.  Sample of lecture topics: 

#1 | The science of recovery - Training is just one piece of the performance puzzle.  In this lecture, learn how to maximize your individual performance through careful meal timing; appropriate macronutrient ratios; stress management; and healthy sleep practices.  

#2 | Fueling for athletes - Endurance athletes consistently demand a lot from their bodies—our nutrition practices need to meet those demands.  In this lecture, we'll start with basic principles for optimizing health and performance. We'll then cover relevant, complex topics such as individual metabolic differences; healthy approaches for gaining muscle mass and losing body fat; and controversial issues such as metabolic efficiency.   

 #3 | Training design - Balanced, smart training is the key to continuous fitness gains and to longevity in our sport.  Learn how to control intensity, measure progress, and effectively balance training with your many other life demands.    

#4 | Thinking to win - Lean how to prepare your body and mind for competition; methods for channelling stress and anxiety; and effective ways to engrain habits of successful performance. 

For lecture pricing, fill out the contact page and write about what you are looking for.